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    Our Montessori Curriculum is an integrated one and each activity performed by a child using approved Montessori material is an indirect preparation for a later skill. The environment allows learning through discovery of new and exciting things in the materials that the child works with over his/her developing stages:

    Practical Life
    This area develops the child’s fine and gross muscular coordination, independence and sense of order.

    This area refines the child’s five senses and permits the child to form new concepts through experience and exercises.

    A wide range of carefully designed materials and activities are used to illustrate, discuss, compare, understand and reinforce the numerical and other abstract mathematical concepts.

    It covers in all curriculum areas and in all activities with specific presentation of lessons that develops vocabulary, progression into reading, writing skills and composition.

    Integrated Curriculum
    Montessori curriculum is supplemented with thematic approach. Music and Movement, Cookery, Art & Craft and Field Trips are conducted to complement our curriculum themes.

    High emphasis is placed on Chinese learning. Using a highly interactive approach, verbal and recognition skills are developed before progressing to reading and writing.

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